About This Site

This is the personal website of Lauren Brown – Assistant Professor of Sport Management, running enthusiast, and fairly inflexible yogi.  Why blog, you ask?  In short, I’ve found other people’s blogs informative and thought provoking.  Why not contribute to the conversation?!

As you can guess by my brief introduction, I LOVE sport, so you’ll get a lot of it on this blog.  Posts will include everything from what races I’m running to whatever happens to be going on in the sporting culture.  My research areas include athlete activism and corporate social responsibility in sport, so those topics will undoubtedly find their way into a post or two.

If you like traveling and visiting new places, this will also be a good blog for you!  I’ll be writing about the places I go, both far-flung and local, over the course of the year.  Since one of the highlights of visiting new places (and old favorites) is always the food and drink, we’ll chat about that, too!

So, sport, travel, pop culture, craft beer – this blog will cover whatever interests me in the moment.  I hope you enjoy the variety and my candor!