Getting Back on the Road After Injury

Patience sucks.  It’s supremely frustrating to feel ready enough to get back out on the road but know that you need to take it slow.  I’ve already missed two races and was really worried about being on track for my fall marathon, so I’m trying to be very conscientious so I don’t get injured again.  But it’s hard.  It’s really freakin’ hard.

My biggest issue is that I don’t enjoy stretching and strength training.  I know I need them, so that’s where my rehabbing started.  I’m now the woman who carries her resistance bands in her bag and does exercises at her desk.

Can you strength train and grade at the same time?  I can!

When I got back out on the road, I started slowly.  Literally.  I’m running about a minute slower per mile than usual and keeping my mileage low.  With that in mind, I adjusted my marathon plan accordingly and realized the change in mileage means I probably won’t run a great time at Marine Corps in October.  So, here we are just under 5 months out and I know finishing and finishing healthy needs to be the new goal (let’s see if that sticks on race day).

I’ve got to do the other things to help myself, too.  I’ve gotten back to yoga classes, I’m sticking with my stretching post-run, and eating better to aid the process.  I’m hopeful that I’m on the right track.  Like a proper hypochondriac, I swear I feel every twinge in my knee, but my runs have been OK so far, so I’ll stick with the plan – despite wanting to just go back out and run 12 miles at race pace NOW!

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