What’s in the Freezer?

Nobody have a stroke, I’m going to offer (pseudo-)nutritional advice.  No, I have not turned over a totally new leaf.  I still want to eat fried, cheesy food and wash it down with a beer.  But, I’d also like to see 40 and keep running, so I have to do a few things to keep myself on track.  One of the keys to this is my version of meal planning.

During the academic year, I don’t have the time to cook every night.  Instead, every other Sunday or so, I pick two or three dishes, make a ton of each dish, and freeze the leftovers (I own ALL the Pyrex).  At any point, I usually have 20 meals in the freezer and another 3-4 in the fridge.

A little emptier than usual, but chicken noodle soup, baked ziti with spinach & ground beef, and pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes & green beans.  Not all in one container….


Why is this key to nutrition?  First, I’ve pre-portion my ingredients and make sure I get my vegetables and protein.  I like vegetables enough, but I usually don’t go out of my way to eat them.  I’m really a child in that respect.  Second, it controls my portion size.  I’m always rungry (no, I did not misspell that…think about it), so this stops me from eating a full meal every 2 hours.  Third, no matter how tired I am, I have something with nutritional value at home.  If I do get home for dinner (instead of eating an early dinner at work before yoga or a run), I only need to use the microwave.  No effort required at the end of a long day.

It’s fiscally responsible, allows me to be lazy during the week, and gets me my daily recommended veggies.  People, this is a win.


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