Race Experiences – The Love Run

From time to time, I’ll review some of the races I’ve done.  Since it’s March, we’ll start with the only half-marathon I’ve run in March – the Love Run (https://www.motivrunning.com/the-love-run/).

The Love Run will run for the 5th time on March 25 in Philadelphia.  I ran the inaugural race (2014) as well as last year (2017).  There is nothing inherently wrong with the race.  They keep tweaking the course (seemingly) in response to runner feedback and I didn’t have major complaints about either course I ran.  The race is also responsible for my favorite piece of swag –  a large mug.  As someone who drinks copious amounts of tea daily, the value of this mug cannot be understated!!


The course support was good and I had no complaints about the expo.  The real issue with this race, for me at least, has been the weather!  The first year was MISERABLE with rain and low temperatures.  I had family come from out of town only to opt out of supporting me on the course because the weather was so bad!  Last year was dry, but a bit colder than I’d prefer.  Again, the family bailed and understandably so!

I’ve heard other runners express concerns that the course is starting to look like every other race in Philadelphia – a loop through Center City and then an out and back on Kelly Drive or MLK Drive.  This doesn’t bother me as much since I find running along the Schuylkill River peaceful, plus the Love Run has a loop through Strawberry Mansion to break up the mileage on MLK.  The other thing to consider is that you’re probably not going to PR during this race.  Strawberry Mansion provides just enough hills and the unpredictable weather make it a hard sell if you’re looking for your best race.

With all that said, I’d do this race again.  Crap weather is the chance you take when you register for a race in March in Philadelphia.  But since this race is close to home, has decent course support, and they include a big mug in the race swag, it’s a good mix for me!

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